Type of Officer: Deputy Sheriff
Jurisdiction: Reno County
County: Reno
Death Date: 12/11/1910
Added to Memorial: 1991
Circumstances of Death: Gunshot
On the evening of December 11, 1910, Deputy Sheriff Thomas Simpson Fowler volunteered to assist the Hutchinson Police Department by participating in a stakeout of a collection of hidden burglary tools. The police hoped that the owner(s) would return to pick them up. Unbeknownst to the officers the tools had been left about three days previously by Henry Bowers and an associate preparatory to the robbing of the Hutchinson bank. When Bowers returned to pick up the tools about 6:45 P.M., he was arrested by Fowler. On the way to the station Bowers attempted to bribe Fowler. When that failed, he produced a pistol and proceeded to threaten the officer. Threats and warning shots failed to deter the deputy from reaching for his pistol and asa result Bowers fired the fatal shot.

Panel: 23