Type of Officer: Constable
Jurisdiction: Yale
County: Crawford
Death Date: 12/11/1904
Added to Memorial: 1992
Circumstances of Death: Gunshot
Sandy Calhoun was shot and killed at 2:00 P.M. December 11, 1904 while attempting to pull his revolver from his pocket to “quiet an obstreperous prisoner” named Jim Davis. Constable Calhoun caught Davis in the act of burglarizing the residence of Samuel Stanton in Yale and placed him under arrest. He took his prisoner to the Turner Hall saloon to wait for transportation to the jail in Pittsburg. Davis became unruly and decided that he wanted to leave. Just as Calhoun pulled his revolver his elbow struck the edge of the bar which caused it to be knocked from his hand. When it hit the floor it discharged and struck him. He died five minutes later. Davis escaped in the confusion. Calhoun’s gun was a 3[0] caliber Colt’s on a forth-one frame. The Pittsburgh Daily Headlight considered this model a “hard shooter”. He had served as an acting constable off and on for 4 years at the time of his death. Calhoun served in Company D, 20th Infantry in the Spanish American War and operated a barber shop in Yale when not serving as acting constable. He was 35 years old and left a wife and two children.

Panel: 27