Type of Officer: Police Officer
Jurisdiction: Atchison
County: Atchison
Death Date: 10/23/1899
Added to Memorial: 1987
Circumstances of Death: Gunshot
Officer Dickerson, of the Atchison Police Department, was sent to assist officers in the town of Doniphan, in Doniphan County,after a store robbery. He served as part of the posse that pursued the suspects first to an abandoned house from which they escaped, and then to the river where they barricaded themselves behind logs and brush. The posse remained near the river the entire night. When morning came, Dickerson was one of the officers that stormed the suspect’s hiding place, and he was killed in the process. The posse kept the suspects pinned down into another night, but under the cover of darkness they eluded the posse and were never caught.

Panel: 31