Type of Officer: Police Officer
Jurisdiction: Herington
County: Dickinson
Death Date: 1/17/1960
Added to Memorial: 1992
Circumstances of Death: Heart Attack
Everett Teel, 53-year-old Herington police officer died of a heart attack Sunday, January 17, 1960, after pursuing a reckless driving suspect on foot. The chase took place about 3:15 A.M. when the suspect turned around in the middle of the street, got out of his car and began running. Teel tackled the man after a chase of about a block and a half. He collapsed after he and Officer Dean Stroda had returned the suspect to the police station. He was taken to the hospital where he died. Medical authorities attributed the heart attack to the tussle with the prisoner. Teel joined the police force in October of 1957 and was a popular member of the force. He was survived by a wife and one son. In December of 1960, he was awarded the Medal of Merit for Valor at the Police Hall of Fame at Port Charlotte, Florida. The award was sponsored by the National Police Officers Association of America, the largest professional police organization in the U. S. at the time. Their new $75,000 Police Hall of Fame was located in Port Charlotte, Florida.

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