Type of Officer: Police Officer
Jurisdiction: Overland Park
County: Johnson
Death Date: 5/3/2020
Added to Memorial: 2021
Circumstances of Death: 
While on his way to work for his duty patrol shift on May 3, 2020, Overland Park police officer Michael Mosher, age 37, came upon a vehicle that appeared to be involved in a hit and run motor vehicle collision. Notifying 9-1-1 dispatchers by radio that he was on duty, he requested another officer to assist. When Officer Mosher attempted to stop the suspect from fleeing the scene, the suspect driver exited his vehicle and approached Officer Mosher, brandishing a weapon that he pulled from the back of his pants. While attempting to disarm the suspect during the ensuing scuffle, Officer Mosher was shot. Pushing the suspect’s gun away, Officer Mosher drew his service weapon, exchanging gunfire with the suspect. Both Officer Mosher and the suspect were killed in the subsequent gun battle. Officer Mosher, a 15-year veteran police officer, is survived by his wife and daughter.

Panel: 39