Type of Officer: Deputy Sheriff
Jurisdiction: Sedgwick County
County: Sedgwick
Death Date: 1/8/1996
Added to Memorial: 1996
Circumstances of Death: Gunshot
In the early morning hours of January 8, 1996, Deputy Easter of the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Department, began a high-speed pursuit of a stolen vehicle. During the chase, the stolen vehicle crashed into a fence. At that time, the driver and four passengers exited the vehicle in different directions. Deputy Easter started a foot pursuit of the driver, capturing him behind a house. During the ensuing struggle, the Deputy pinned the driver to the ground. The suspect then reached for a concealed weapon wounding the Deputy above his protective vest. Wichita Police Officers arrived at the scene as the shooting took place. While running from the officers, the assailant accidentally shot himself in the leg and was apprehended at the scene. The passengers were also apprehended at the scene. The suspects were all juveniles. Deputy Easter died later that morning at a local hospital.

Panel: 16