Type of Officer: Deputy Sheriff
Jurisdiction: Sedgwick County
County: Sedgwick
Death Date: 4/18/1997
Added to Memorial: 1998
Circumstances of Death: Stabbing
Shortly after midnight, Sergeant Snider and three other officers of the Sedgwick County sheriff’s office responded to a domestic disturbance at a house in the Oaklawn neighborhood just outside Wichita. Snider was the first to enter the house and began trying to calm the occupants. As two other officers arrived, one of the occupants ran for the back door. During the ensuing struggle, officer Snider was stabbed in the shoulder. Mortally wounded, he died an hour later. Sergeant Snider was 48 years old. A native of Ellis, Kansas, he had been a Sedgwick County sheriff’s deputy since 1976, serving earlier with the Wichita Police Department.

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