Type of Officer: Police Officer
Jurisdiction: Topeka
County: Shawnee
Death Date: 12/16/2012
Added to Memorial: 2013
Circumstances of Death: Gunshot
Topeka Police Department Officer Jeffrey Atherly was shot and killed on December 16, 2012, after responding to the parking lot of a local grocery store on a report of possible drug activity.   Officer Atherly and Corporal David Gogian had the three vehicle occupants exit the vehicle, and as the occupants exited, one of them shot and killed both Officer Atherly and Corporal Gogian. Officer Atherly was a one-and-a-half-year veteran of the Topeka Police Department. Prior to joining the Topeka Police Department, he worked at the Topeka Correctional Facility. He was survived by his son; his fiancée and her son; parents; grandparents; and other close and extended family.

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