Type of Officer: Sheriff
Jurisdiction: Hamilton County
County: Hamilton
Death Date: 9/13/1927
Added to Memorial: 1987
Circumstances of Death: Gunshot
On September 10, 1927, Sheriff Mills, with his wife along, observed a car parked in a suspicious manner along the roadside. He retrieved Deputy Ray Kumpf and they proceeded to investigate the vehicle. When Kumpf entered the suspect car to take it to the police station, two men exited from the car and held Sheriff Mills at gunpoint. The deputy was confronted by a third man. When one of the men covering the sheriff withdrew to disable the sheriff’s car, Mills attacked the remaining suspect. The man holding a gun on the deputy turned and shot Sheriff Mills and the deputy. The suspects were captured after a long chase and gun battle near Pueblo, Colorado. Sheriff Mills died three days after he was wounded.

Panel: 40