Donor Recognition

The Kansas Law Enforcement Memorial is made possible by the selfless generosity of its donors and supporters. Your contributions allow our shared vision of memorializing fallen officers to become a reality. As the Kansas Law Enforcement Memorial Expansion Project continues, we will work together to ensure that the legacy of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice will be preserved for generations to come.

Our deepest appreciation and gratitude are owed to the individuals and organizations listed below. Please join us in thanking the following donors for their generous contributions: 

$25,000 and above:
Capitol Federal Foundation                                            
Hartman Oil & Gas                                                              
Harry Herington
Kansas Attorney General                                                  
Kansas Highway Patrol                                                     
Kansas Information Consortium, LLC (KIC)    
Kansas Bureau of Investigation                                        
Kansas Sheriffs’ Association                                          
Murfin Drilling Company, Inc
NIC, Inc                                                         
Union Pacific Foundation                                                   
Walmart, Inc  

$10,000 to $24,999
Robert Cutler