Type of Officer: Police Detective
Jurisdiction: Wichita
County: Sedgwick
Death Date: 11/23/1921
Added to Memorial: 1987
Circumstances of Death: Gunshot
Suspected murderer and gangster Eddie Adams, whose gang had already killed officers A. L. Young and Robert Fitzpatrick,was attempting to rent a car from a motor livery. Evidently the police were alerted. When Office Hoffman and two others entered the back door of the livery, Adams recognized them and drew his gun. Detective Hoffman lunged forward, seizing Adams, but Adams worked his gun hand free and fired, killing Hoffman instantly. He then fired on one of the other officers, hitting him. The third officer, hidden behind a pillar, took aim and killed Adams. The body of the notorious gangster was taken to the Wichita undertaker and by one o’clock the following afternoon, over nine thousand people had viewed the body.

Panel: 28