Type of Officer: Chief of Police
Jurisdiction: Leoti
County: Wichita
Death Date: 5/25/1976
Added to Memorial: 1987
Circumstances of Death: Gunshot
North of Leoti, Chief Carl Simons stopped a car driven by Richard McCowan, who was in violation of parole. A general requestor McCowan’s arrest had been circulated and Simons stopped McCowan on that charge. McCowan, who had his children with him in the car, was handcuffed by Officer Simons and was taken to the officer’s car, but McCowan returned to his car to check on his children. At his car, McCowan retrieved his gun (probably given to him by one of his children) and walked back to the police car. While still handcuffed, McCowan engaged in a struggle with Simons, and Simons was shot and killed. When Simons did not report in from duty, his wife went to look for him and found him. McCowan was captured in Eads, Colorado, three hours after the incident.

Panel: 35