Type of Officer: Sheriff
Jurisdiction: Ellis County
County: Ellis
Death Date: 6/7/1875
Added to Memorial: 1987
Circumstances of Death: Gunshot
Ellis County Sheriff Ramsey, noted for his effectiveness as an officer, was traveling to Stockton in Rooks County, with Deputy Sheriff Frank Shepherd, to recover stolen property. As they traveled they noticed a fresh horse trail. Aware that one of the West’s most wanted men and horse thieves, Henry “Dutch Henry” Born(e) was operating in the area, they decided to follow the
trail. Entering Stockton, they observed two men selling horses. As the sheriff and deputy approached, one of the men, named Deems, fired. Ramsey was mortally wounded by was able to shoot and kill Deems. The other man, William Stanley, escaped but had been wounded by the deputy sheriff. Stanley was later captured near Kirwin. It was discovered that the horses had been stolen from Indians, and therefore “technically” the two were not guilty of any crime. Stanley was later tried for assaulting a police officer and found not guilty.

Panel: 33