Type of Officer: Undersheriff
Jurisdiction: Kiowa County
County: Kiowa
Death Date: 7/4/1892
Added to Memorial: 1998
Circumstances of Death: Gunshot
In early July, 1892, Officer Balfour learned that a man wanted for larceny would be present at a Fourth of July picnic held at Pryor’s Grove in southeast Edwards County. On the morning of July 4, Balfour drove to Pryor’s Grove, located the man, talked with him for a few minutes, then informed him of the warrant and the fact that he would need to be taken into custody. Balfour was then distracted by the arrival of another man. At the moment he turned his attention to the other man, the arrestee drew a gun and shot Balfour, mortally wounding him. Falling to the ground, Balfour courageously drew his own gun and returned fire,wounding his assailant in the hand. Balfour died at the scene thirty minutes later. Forty-one years of age, he left a wife and six children.

Panel: 31